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Topics include sudden wealth, financial retirement planning, personal and business finance.


The Only 3 Things You Can Do With Excess Cash

What do we know about cash flow? It’s good. Okay. My work is complete. Not quite. What else do we know? It’s important to look at it once in a while so you can see if you are – no, tell me it’s not so – spending more than you are making. You’re not? Phew!…

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What’s Net Worth?

Are you ready for an exciting lesson? Don’t you just love these guys who make these books trying to sell something? They’re all hyped up on who knows what and make it seem like whatever junk they are promoting is the greatest thing on the face of the Earth. “I’m so excited! Thank you for…

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Become Wealth Ready(TM)

Many people who become responsible for a great deal of money overnight feel overwhelmed by the financial, legal, and tax decisions they face, confused as to what they should do, and a deep weight because of their new responsibility. They feel unprepared for the job and are unsure of who to trust. Many sudden wealth…

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Robert Pagliarini Featured on Redfin

Robert Pagliarini was recently featured in Redfin’s Ultimate Guide to House Hunting for Aging Adults. If you’re nearing or already in retirement, Redfin offers advice on selling your current home and transitioning to the next. Robert advises, “Most home buyers focus first and foremost on the purchase price, but of greater financial consideration are the ongoing…

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What’s Cash Flow?

Cash flow. You might be thinking, “Cash flow? My cash doesn’t flow. It trickles.” Whatever your cash does, it’s a good idea to check your cash flow from time to time because it has a big impact on how quickly your net worth goes up. Cash flow is simple. You look at the money coming…

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Assets vs. Liabilities

You may find that this is the most valuable lesson in the entire book. It’s simple. Deceptively simple, actually. But don’t let that deceive you. Who knows? You may just look at the world differently at the end of this. Let’s get into it. An asset versus a liability. What’s the difference, and why does…

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Understanding Compound Interest

Pop Quiz! Compound interest, compound fracture, compound fraction – one of these can help you become filthy rich, and another can guarantee you’ll be a slave to debt and broke. Can you guess which is which? Surprise! The answer to both is compound interest. It doesn’t seem to make sense, does it? How can compound…

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How Much To Save?

How much should I save? What do you think I should be putting away? What’s a good rule of thumb for how much money I should set aside each month? Is there a right amount I should be saving? This is probably one of the most common personal finance questions, and this causes a great…

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What’s the Best Way to Save

Most advisors and financial experts will tell you that the only way to become wealthy is to save. The good news is that this is not true. There are ways to become wealthy without saving. For example, you can inherit money, win a lawsuit settlement, start a company with borrowed money and sell it, or…

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Types of Income: Do You Know the Two Types?

What do you think the two types of income are? Does it really matter? Who cares? I mean, income is income. It’s all good. Are you really going to hesitate when someone hands you a check while you try to figure out what type of income you are receiving? I do think it’s important to…

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