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Value Investing Versus Growth Investing: What's A Value Company?

Value Investing vs. Growth Investing: What’s A Value Company?

You’ve probably heard of Warren Buffett, right? He’s one of the richest people in the world. What makes Warren so interesting is, unlike the other richest people on the list who started companies, like Bill Gates (Microsoft), Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook), or Jeff Bezos (, Warren made his money through investing. That’s an amazing achievement. And…

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What Does It Mean That A Stock Is Under or Over Valued?

What Does It Mean That a Stock Is Over or Under Valued?

Hey, do you want to buy my car for $8,000? You couldn’t possibly answer that question without knowing more about my car. What is the make? Model? Year? Miles? Does it run? You get it. The same is true for investing. You need to know something about the stock before you can decide if it’s…

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Robert Pagliarini Offers Sudden Wealth Advice to Recent Lottery Winner on USA Today Network Podcast

Robert Pagliarini Provides Sudden Wealth Advice to $516M Lottery Winner on USA Today Network Podcast

Win half a billion overnight? Now what? Robert Pagliarini was featured on a USA Today Network podcast, where he offers advice on protecting newly acquired sudden wealth — a $516 Million windfall! — to a recent lottery winner. Watch the full podcast below or on From the Newsroom: Suburban Philadelphia Podcast.

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Recessions and Depressions

Recessions and Depressions: The More Prozac Lesson

Just one more depressing lesson, and then we’re done. I promise! Next, we’ll talk about recessions and depressions. Unlike corrections and bear markets, where these terms describe the stock market going down, recessions and depressions describe how much the economy is going down. A recession is when a country’s economy, meaning the goods and services…

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Corrections and Bear Markets

Corrections and Bear Markets: The Prozac Lesson

These next two lessons suck. I mean, the lessons are okay, but the content is awfully depressing. But we are all big boys and girls. As investors, we shouldn’t kid ourselves. Let’s have an honest look at what happens when things don’t go as planned. By the end of these lessons, you’ll be familiar with…

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Technical Versus Fundamental Analysis

Technical vs. Fundamental Analysis

In the investment world, this is like the rivalry between the NY Yankees and Boston Red Sox. I find that people are often in one camp or the other. And each will tell you why they are right and how the other group doesn’t know what they are talking about. The two camps are technical…

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Realized Versus Unrealized Gains Losses

Realized Versus Unrealized Gains/Losses

Not as complicated as it sounds There might be a few new words you will not be familiar with in this lesson, but trust me when I say you’ll want to know what these mean. And sadly, many investors aren’t even sure what they mean, but you will! Take a look at the charts above.…

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What is socially responsible investing?

What is Socially Responsible Investing?

As a consumer, you vote every time you buy something. By buying this over that, you’re effectively saying, “I support this company and not that company.” A single dollar has little power, but when you are spending thousands of dollars in a year and millions of others are spending thousands of dollars in a year,…

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What is dollar cost averaging?

What is Dollar Cost Averaging?

This is a phrase you might hear from time to time. Dollar cost averaging. It’s kind of a cool technique, and you should be somewhat familiar with what it is, as it can help you make more money as an investor. Let’s look at two investors… Think of these two investors in terms of the…

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Make More Money With Compound Investing

Making Money With Compound Investing

Have you heard this quote from Einstein? “Compound interest is the most powerful force in the universe.” No? That’s okay because he actually never said it. It’s one of those quotes that financial folks like me repeat because it sounds good and makes us look smart. That’s okay, though. Just because Einstein didn’t actually say…

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