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I’m Not Smart Enough to be Financially Successful

Limiting Belief #6: I’m Not Smart Enough to be Financially Successful

What does it take to become financially successful?  Is there a proven formula that will provide us the solution? If you look at those who are financially successful — not just the big wig Fortune 500 executives and celebrities, but normal people (remember Aimee?) — you will find they share one thing. It’s not a…

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You Have to Lie, Cheat, and Take Advantage of People to Become Successful

Limiting Belief #5: You Have to Lie, Cheat, and Take Advantage of People to Become Successful

Remember that 1980’s movie, Wall Street, with Michael Douglas and Charlie Sheen?  The tagline for the movie was, “Every dream has a price.” Michael Douglas played Gordon Gekko, a high-powered uber-broker and investor who was ruthless, greedy, and would do whatever it took to make a buck. He lies, cheats, breaks the law, and uses…

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If I’m Financially Successful, I’ll Be Working So Much I Won’t Have Any Time with My Family or My Hobbies

Limiting Belief #4: If I’m Financially Successful, I’ll Be Working So Much I Won’t Have Any Time with My Family or My Hobbies

We all know somebody who “has it all.”  He has the fancy job, the nice car, the big house, and the respect and power all of the trappings of success provides. He also has a cheating spouse, kids in rehab, a $1,000 a week psychiatrist bill, and a bottle of sleeping pills next to his…

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Small Actions Are Insignificant And Don't Produce Big Rewards

Limiting Belief #3: Small Actions are Insignificant and Don’t Produce Big Rewards

Have you ever thought the following? I won’t go back to school until I can go full-time. I won’t open that investment account until I have a few thousand dollars to invest.  I won’t start reading that book until I go on vacation and have a few days to finish it.  I’m not going to…

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Getting By Is Good Enough

Limiting Belief #2: Getting By Is Good Enough

This is one of the most debilitating beliefs you can have.  You get exactly what you are willing to accept. If you accept mediocrity, you will surely get it. Helen Keller once remarked, “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.” It is easy to fall into the mental trap of mediocrity.  Because…

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No Matter What I Do, I Can't Get Ahead

Limiting Belief #1: No Matter What I Do, I Can’t Get Ahead

Warning: This belief is extremely dangerous to your wealth and is guaranteed to cause financial paralysis. It would be easier to sprint to an Olympic gold medal while carrying a bag of groceries than it would be to succeed financially with this debilitating mindset. Like the massive elephants secured by a tiny rope, people who…

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The 7 Most Common Limiting Money Financial Beliefs

The 7 Most Common Limiting Financial Beliefs

Eliminate Limiting Beliefs I’ve bought several used cars in my life, and I learned an important lesson early after making a big mistake. I did my research. I looked through the paper and auto magazines. When I saw an ad for the car I wanted at a local dealership, I called them and they invited…

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Eliminate Limiting Beliefs

Eliminate Limiting Beliefs

Are you ready to stop your internal critic? Are you ready to break free from those limiting beliefs that have held you back from financial success? You have the passion, the vision, and the goals—but often, they are not enough. We may know what we should do, but for whatever reason, we don’t do it.…

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Use Pictures For Motivation

Use Pictures for Motivation

Use Pictures for Motivation  We’ve done a lot of work putting our vision, purpose, and goals into words, but now it is time to transform the words into something more powerful—images. You are going to take the work you’ve done so far and create a picture scrapbook of your goals that will allow you to…

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Calculate How Money Can Help

Calculate How Money Can Help

The importance of excellent financial health cannot be overemphasized. The lifestyle you desire and the goals you want to achieve either requires or can be enhanced by an expense. This is pretty obvious for those dreams where we want something. For example, travel, better car, fishing boat, bigger house, vacation cottage, Rolex watch, and diamond…

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