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Sudden Wealth Financial Advisors

While sudden wealth can be life-changing, for some it can cause anxiety, indecision, and fear in those who don’t surround themselves with the right people and develop a strategy. We are certified and fiduciary financial advisors and have 25 years of experience helping those with sudden wealth.


Sudden Wealth Financial Advisors

There’s gradual money and there’s sudden wealth. Most of us are used to gradual money—earning an income and building a nest egg over time. It’s a slow and steady process. As our net worth increases over the years, we adapt and slowly become more financially sophisticated. It’s like riding a smooth elevator—you’re going up, but you hardly feel it.

Then there’s sudden wealth. It’s like being on the ground floor of a 60-story building and rocketing to the penthouse suite in seconds. Sudden wealth means getting more money than you’re used to being responsible for, getting it all at once, and often feeling pushed outside of your normal financial comfort zone. Although you’re the same person you were the day before you received it, you are quickly thrust into a new and often uncomfortable situation.

Read about each of the sudden wealth categories below and see why we are recognized nationally as the sudden wealth management experts.

Founder of Pacifica Wealth Advisors
Retirement Financial Planning
Business Sale
Professional Athletes
Receipients of a Large Inheritance
Stock Option (IPO) Plannnig
Professional Entertainers
Lawsuit & Settlement Recepients
Lottery Winners
During or After Divorce

Fee-only advisors

We receive no commissions or have any financial incentive to recommend one strategy over another. We provide financial advice we think is best for your situation.

Clean Record

You've worked hard for your money, and the advisors working for you should be clean and honest. In 25 years, we've never had any regulatory issues or complaints.

20 Years+ Experience

The president and lead financial advisor has over 26 years of financial planning and investment experience.


We are fiduciary financial advisors - we always put our clients' interests first. Unfortunately - most advisors are not fiduciaries.


We do not have our own products we will try to sell you. We only recommend strategies and investments that we think are best for you.


Relationships are built on trust. Working with a financial advisor is a big decision. We try to make everything as transparent as possible so there are no surprises.

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We are Real Fiduciaries.

This means we always put our client’s best interests first. A Real Fiduciary also means that we are not part-time fiduciaries. We put our client’s best interests first in all cases and at all times. Less than 8% of financial advisors are Real Fiduciaries. Read our fiduciary oath to see the principles we live by.

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