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How the Stock Market Works

How the Stock Market Works

Are you familiar with the dating app Tinder? It lets you view photos of people and slide their photo left or right, depending on if you like them or not. So how is the stock market like Tinder? For both, you have a large group of people coming together and they are all evaluating a…

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What's an Exchange Traded Fund (ETF)?

What’s An Exchange Traded Fund (ETF)?

Your Get Money Smart education would not be complete if we didn’t talk briefly about this next type of investment. Good news! In the last lesson, you learned not only about mutual funds, but you also learned about exchange traded funds, or ETFs, as they are called. ETFs are a little different from mutual funds,…

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What's a Mutual Fund?

What’s A Mutual Fund?

You will hear about different types of investments, things like individual stocks or bonds, mutual funds, exchange traded funds, REITs, and even limited partnerships. They are all a slightly different, so it makes sense to have a little understanding of what these are and how they work. Let’s start at the beginning. What’s an individual…

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The Real Difference Between Stocks And Bonds

The Real Difference Between Stocks and Bonds

Let’s think about stocks and bonds in terms of a relationship. Stocks are like your boyfriend/girlfriend or spouse. You are connected with them. Their success is your success. If they get a promotion, you celebrate and reap the rewards. If they come home and tell you they’ve been fired, that has real repercussions for you.…

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What Are Better: Stocks or Bonds?

What Are Better, Stocks or Bonds?

What are better, stocks or bonds? It’s kind of like asking, “What’s better, chocolate or vanilla ice cream?” Both are great for different reasons. First, why stocks? Well, stocks are ownership. This means if the company sells a lot of stuff, expands into different countries, and makes a lot of money, you get to go…

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What's a bond?

What’s A Bond?

What’s a bond? In the last lesson, you learned about stocks, which is ownership in a company. What’s a bond then? Well, it’s not ownership. Instead, it’s an IOU. Imagine you have a friend who needs to borrow $1,000 from you. If you lend her the money, she gets the cash and you get what?…

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What's a stock?

What’s A Stock? Capitalism 101

Today’s lesson is capitalism 101. As an investor, my guess is a good deal of your portfolio will be in stocks and bonds. These are the two primary types of investments for most investors. Knowing the differences is critical in your journey to being truly money smart. You may already have a good grasp of…

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Two Ways To Make Money As An Investor

Two Ways to Make Money as an Investor

Investing is good. Well, yes, but why is investing good? Uh, because you make money? Yes, that’s true, and how do you make money as an investor? As an investor, you invest and this investing makes investment money. It’s common knowledge. I’ve asked a lot of people over the years how an investment can make…

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Is Investing Like Gambling In Vegas?

Is Investing Like Gambling in Vegas?

Is investing like gambling in Vegas? I get this question a lot, and I can understand why. From an outsider’s perspective, someone not in the financial or investment industry, I can only imagine how ridiculous it must look. I remember watching the movie “Trading Places” when I was a kid. It’s the film where Eddie…

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What's Inflation? The Silent Wealth Killer

What’s Inflation? (The Silent Wealth Killer)

What’s Inflation? When I was a kid, I had to walk to school in three feet of snow, in June, uphill both ways. Okay, so maybe Gramps is exaggerating just a bit, but when he complains about paying $15 for a movie or $10 for a hamburger because when he was growing up “movies were…

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