We are committed to making a better world.

We are committed to creating a better world by making a difference in the lives of others. While we often write checks to causes we feel strongly about, we have also chosen to be actively involved in the following organizations:


Band of Brothers Foundation

Robert Pagliarini is the co-founder of the Band of Brothers Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with a mission to help under-served children in the United States and around the world. We take a decidedly entrepreneurial approach to charity that is similar to venture capital investing -- we find unique projects where we can leverage a small investment into a sustainable difference.

Robert Pagliarini Selected As a “Wealth Advisor with a Heart” By Trust & Estates Journal

When Typhoon Haiyan hit the Philippines and devastated Molocabac Island in November 2013, Band of Brothers sprung into action to provide struggling families with food and water and help them rebuild homes and schools. Learn more about how they provided relief.

Band of Brother's Begins Success School for Girls

Our Mission

IMG_03011-225x300Our goal is to solve the cycle of poverty. Instead of giving handouts that provide a quick fix to a symptom, our objective is to radically change children’s lives—not just for the moment—but for their entire life. We make investments in facilities, land, and schools that provide sustainable benefits. Our objective is to create positive momentum that immediately benefit the children’s living conditions and to create an environment where they can continue to support themselves without relying on donations from others.

Children are first provided a safe, supportive, and disease free environment to learn and grow. We then encourage hope and success by offering school programs that will train them for specific jobs that are in demand in their regions.

360 Circle of Support

  1. Crisis Care: Provide a safe environment free from disease, unreliable food, water and housing. Focus: stable family operation, housing, disease prevention, medical care and nutrition.
  2. Stabilizing Care: Strengthen each child’s self-image and confidence and teach them to dream. Approach based on its individual personality, issues, interest and capabilities. Focus: child psychology, individual personal development and attention.
  3. Developmental Care: Provide children a development program that allows them the opportunity to escape the cycle of poverty. This is done by offering trade education catered to match a child’s interests and strengths and local job opportunities. Focus: training and education that will get them a job based on the needs of the local economy.

Forever Footprints

Robert Pagliarini is on the advisory board of the Forever Footprints, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that supports parents who have lost a baby in pregnancy or infancy. The mission of Forever Footprints is to raise money for local organizations that support parents who have experienced miscarriage, pregnancy loss, or infant loss of any kind, as well as be a resource center for parents, doctors, nurses, hospitals, support groups, and anyone in need of support or information.

We Walk for the Steps our Babies Will Never Take

Proceeds from the walk go to local hospitals and support groups, as well as national organizations. The walk has helped fund memory box programs at several local hospitals, so parents have footprints, blankets, and other items to take home following their baby’s death. In addition, cameras and photo printers have been donated to local hospitals so photos can be taken of the baby and given to the parent. Forever Footprints also supports SHARE Pregnancy and Infant Loss organization, a national organization that helps parents all over the country who have experienced pregnancy or infant loss.

Women Helping Women

A personal note from Robert about his advisory board involvement in Women Helping Women:

I’ve witnessed firsthand the power of the path. No matter who you are or what you do, we are all on a path or direction. This path can lead to financial ruin, homelessness, despair, and even crime or it can lead to financial success and empowerment. Once you are entrenched in a path, it can be very difficult to forge a new one and go in a different direction.

When I was young my family was on a path of scarcity and struggle. The single most important event that shifted us in a new direction and on a new path was the re-training my step-father received that ultimately helped him land a good job in a new industry. This new job provided him — and all of us — with employment and financial stability. A job can be the start of a new path.

I also believe a job is power. A job provides freedom and opportunity and the ability to earn an income provides flexibility and choice. A job is the single most important thing a person can have for financial security. It can mean the difference between a good meal and going hungry. From keeping a family together or coming apart. It can provide the resources for better healthcare and a better life. A job can provide the income necessary to afford school and to increase one’s human capital. A job, however small, is the first domino necessary for creating a better life, and Women Helping Woman is an instrumental resource that empowers men and women and gives them the tools and confidence to get a job.

Unemployment can wreak havoc on individuals and families and lead to a vicious cycle of poverty. A job doesn’t solve every problem, but it sure solves a lot of them. I’m honored to be part of an organization that provides individuals with hope and the skills needed to radically change their lives — and their families lives — and to put them on a new and successful path.

- Robert Pagliarini

Wounded Warrior Project

We proudly support the courageous men and women who serve our country and the incredible work of the Wounded Warrior Project.