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We help clients create lifetime income in retirement.
We are led by a CFP and PhD in financial and retirement planning.
We specialize in managing financial transitions and sudden wealth.
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Irvine financial planner advisor

Who We Help

Pre & Post

We have been helping clients navigate the changes retirement brings for over 25 years. Robert has earned a PhD in financial and retirement planning where retirement income distribution planning was a large focus of his studies and research.

Retirement Planning Services

Sudden Wealth™ Recipients

We specialize in serving Sudden Wealth™ recipients – individuals who quickly receive a large sum of money from an inheritance, settlement, stock options, etc. We help you go from confused and overwhelmed to confident and in control.

Discover Services for Sudden Wealth™


We provide business transition planning to family businesses who are selling their company to outsiders or transitioning. Our goal is to help you extract the most after-tax value from the sale of your company and help you plan for the future.

How We Help Businesses
real fiduciary financial planner irvine

We are Real Fiduciaries.

This means we always put our client’s best interests first. A Real Fiduciary also means that we are not part-time fiduciaries. We put our client’s best interests first in all cases and at all times. Less than 8% of financial advisors are Real Fiduciaries. Read our fiduciary oath to see the principles we live by.

You have enough to think about right now - trusting your financial advisor shouldn't be something you have worry about! Choose a fiduciary financial advisor.


We receive no commissions or financial incentives, ever.


We are nationally recognized for our financial expertise.


We do not have our own products we will try to sell you.


We’ve been financial planning and investing for over 25 years.


Meet Our Lead Financial Advisor

Hello. My name is Robert Pagliarini. I have the great honor of helping people during one of the most exciting and nerve-wracking times in their lives. For over 25 years I have specialized in helping clients manage, grow, and preserve their wealth through significant financial transitions such as retirement, the sale of a business, inheritance, stock options, and other sudden wealth events. My investment and wealth management firm, Pacifica Wealth Advisors, serves clients across the country.

I have a PhD in financial and retirement planning. Additionally, I am a Certified Financial Planner™ practitioner, a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst, a Certified Structured Settlement Consultant, an Enrolled Agent* with the IRS, and have a Master’s Degree in Psychology. Learn more about me or our financial planning services.


How much income can you safely withdraw from your retirement accounts without risking running out of money? It seems like a simple and straightforward question, but would you be surprised that a Nobel Prize-winning economist said that this is "the nastiest and hardest problem in finance?" If a PhD from Stanford thinks this is the biggest challenge, it means it requires a great deal of planning. This is where we come in. Lead retirement advisor, Robert Pagliarini, has a PhD in retirement planning and works to solve this "nastiest and hardest problem" and give his clients confidence.

Reach us at (949) 305-0500