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Making Money With Compound Investing

Make More Money With Compound Investing

Have you heard this quote from Einstein? “Compound interest is the most powerful force in the universe.”

No? That’s okay because he actually never said it. It’s one of those quotes that financial folks like me repeat because it sounds good and makes us look smart.

That’s okay, though. Just because Einstein didn’t actually say it doesn’t mean compound interest, or even better, compound investing, isn’t incredibly powerful.

Let’s learn what it is, and then I’ll show you just how amazing it is.

It’s been said making your first million is the hardest – I believe it was Einstein. What does this mean?

It means that accumulating the first million dollars is harder than getting your second or third or fourth. But why is this? In part, compound investing.

At its most basic, compound investing is this:

I work for my money, and then my money works for me.

But it gets even better. It’s more than just having your money make money.

It’s having the money your money makes make more money.

Say that five times fast!

Bam! Now that is what I’m talking about. This is the power of compound investing and how you can create massive wealth.

The proceeding blog post is an excerpt from Get Money Smart: Simple Lessons to Kickstart Your Financial Confidence & Grow Your Wealth, available now on Amazon.

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