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How I See The World…

The Dangers of Financial Pornography

And now, a short screenplay break.



Hey there, Hank! How’s it swingin’?

You know me. I’m swingin’ just fine.

Can you help me?

Of course, darling.

Hammer hits Nail into a large wooden board.

Thanks, Hank!

Always happy to help.


Hey, sweetie.

Well, hello, pretty darling.

Can you screw me into this light socket?

Of course. I’m happy to help.

Hammer smashes Light Bulb and then cries out.

HAMMER (yelling)
Noooo! Not again!

When you are a hammer, everything looks like a nail.



Poor Hank. He killed his one true love. The voluptuous Barbie the Bulb. Why? Well, he had good intentions. He wanted to help, but all Hank was good for was one thing. When you see the world through the eyes of a hammer, the solution is always the same.

When it comes to your money, you have to watch out for the Hanks of the world.

Your job is to get into the mind of the advisor and to imagine how they see the world. Each financial specialist thinks of whatever they sell as the one grand solution to everything. If you’re talking to a life insurance person, everything can be solved with life insurance. Need to pay for your kids’ college? There’s a life insurance policy for that. Need income during retirement? No problem. There’s a life insurance policy for that. Need to save on taxes? There’s a life insurance policy for that. Need to lose some weight? There’s a life insurance policy for that.

Channel your inner Clarice. Get into the mind of the advisor. Figure out what they sell and how they are paid. If you know these two things, you can quickly see how they see the world.

The goal is to be aware of who is giving the advice, why they are giving it, and to make sure you are working with someone who sees the world clearly and can offer solutions that make sense, not just that make money for the advisor.

The takeaway?

Don’t let a Hank smash your finances.

Speaking of advisor Hank, wouldn’t you like to know how he gets paid? I’m going to pull back the curtain and share with you exactly how financial advisors get paid next.

The proceeding blog post is an excerpt from Get Money Smart: Simple Lessons to Kickstart Your Financial Confidence & Grow Your Wealth, available now on Amazon.

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