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Early Planning is Key for Inheritance Transfer

Estate Planning Inheritance

I recently appeared in an article on Investor’s Business Daily about the urgency of estate planning for inheritance transfer. While most people understand the importance of estate planning, few grasp its urgency. Learn more and read  a few brief excerpts from the article below:

Use the Fear Factor

“To make estate planning urgent, I use two strong motivators: fear and greed. Fear is that they will leave their family a big mess and greed that they will leave the government too much money. Usually it just takes a bit of momentum to get them started and then they find the process much easier and smoother than they thought.”

Keeping It Equal

“The biggest problem with transferring assets from one family down to the next are feelings of inequity. This is why it is absolutely critical to do some planning while the family is alive and can make those decisions.”

You can read the rest of the article on Investor’s Business Daily.

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