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Two Ways To Make Money As An Investor

Two Ways to Make Money as an Investor

Investing is good. Well, yes, but why is investing good? Uh, because you make money? Yes, that’s true, and how do you make money as an investor? As an investor, you invest and this investing makes investment money. It’s common knowledge. I’ve asked a lot of people over the years how an investment can make…

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Is Investing Like Gambling In Vegas?

Is Investing Like Gambling in Vegas?

Is investing like gambling in Vegas? I get this question a lot, and I can understand why. From an outsider’s perspective, someone not in the financial or investment industry, I can only imagine how ridiculous it must look. I remember watching the movie “Trading Places” when I was a kid. It’s the film where Eddie…

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What's Inflation? The Silent Wealth Killer

What’s Inflation? (The Silent Wealth Killer)

What’s Inflation? When I was a kid, I had to walk to school in three feet of snow, in June, uphill both ways. Okay, so maybe Gramps is exaggerating just a bit, but when he complains about paying $15 for a movie or $10 for a hamburger because when he was growing up “movies were…

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Keeping Track Of All Your Financial Stuff

Keeping Track of All Your Financial Stuff

Get Organized by Starting With a Game Plan Here’s the thing. I hate paperwork. I hate organizing stuff. Which makes me the perfect person to be teaching this lesson. Why? If you’re like me, the last thing you want is some peppy “I just love and live to organize everything” guy. I can’t relate to…

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Being Your Own Boss vs. Working for the Man

Being Your Own Boss vs. Working For The Man

Are you an employee or an independent contractor? If you work for somebody, there’s a good chance you are either an employee or an independent contractor. Is there a difference and does it matter? Yes and yes. Most people with a job are an employee. This means you show up at a particular time, do…

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How Not To Save For A Rainy Day Emergency Fund

How Not To Save For An Emergency Fund

What’s a rainy day emergency fund? It’s simply some money you’ve set aside just in case of an unexpected situation where money can help, such as a job layoff, needed medical treatment, or bail (it happens!). And really, can’t most negative and unforeseen events benefit from a bit of money? It’s rare you would hear,…

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What is financial independence?

What is Financial Independence?

What is financial independence? Well, what’s financial dependence? Independence versus dependence. Good versus evil! Independence is always better than dependence, right? The 4th of July is Independence Day! That’s good. If your boyfriend or girlfriend ever says, “I like you, but you’re really dependent,” you can be sure you’ll soon be hearing the “It’s not…

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The Thin Blue Line

The Thin Blue Line

Are you ready for some high level stuff? I think you’re ready for it. I don’t share what I’m about ready to share with just anyone. I reserve it for special people and special occasions. I think you’re the person and this is the occasion to discuss the blue line. The first time I shared…

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Excess Cash

The Only 3 Things You Can Do With Excess Cash

Before we dive into excess cash, let’s review cash flow. Think back to the previous lesson. What do we know about cash flow? It’s good. Okay. My work is complete. Not quite. What else do we know? It’s important to look at it once in a while so you can see if you are –…

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What's Net Worth?

What’s Net Worth?

Are you ready for an exciting lesson? Don’t you just love these guys who make these books trying to sell something? They’re all hyped up on who knows what and make it seem like whatever junk they are promoting is the greatest thing on the face of the Earth. “I’m so excited! Thank you for…

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