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Survive… When Disaster Strikes

Survive When Disaster Strikes

The best financial plans can go up in smoke (sometimes literally) in a matter of seconds.

Insurance provides the best defense for situations that are impossible to predict, control, and prevent. But what insurance do you need? And how much should you have? The next few sections will show you how to survive when and not if, disaster strikes.

I’ve been there too, and it’s not fun. Once something bad has happened the first response is shock, which is quickly followed by panic and then a deep, hollow, sick feeling you get in your stomach. The questions start flying by and it’s hard to think straight.

Did I do everything I could to protect myself? 

Did I renew my insurance policy? 

Will this be covered or did I need some sort of special supplement for this? 

Moments earlier, an insurance policy was the last thing you wanted to think about, but now it’s one of the only things you can think about.

When disaster strikes, I want you to have a sense of absolute certainty that you’ve done everything you possibly could to protect yourself and your family. No panic. No questions. No second guessing. This is a critical lesson in your six day financial makeover. It will give you a sense of peace and will help you survive when disaster strikes.

The lesson is divided into five sections: 

You’ll get the inside track on what each of these policies are, if you need them, and how much insurance you need for your individual situation. No more guesswork. No more slick insurance salesmen. Just the facts you need to transform your financial life.

The proceeding blog post is an excerpt from The Six-Day Financial Makeover: Transform Your Financial Life in Less Than a Week!, available now on Amazon.



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