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8 Strategies to Stay Strong During a Divorce


Robert Pagliarini contributed a column to Forbes titled “How to Stay Strong & Get What You Deserve in a Divorce“.

This is an excerpt:

Most clients want to move on with their lives and experience peace and happiness again. But what happens when giving up means giving in? Will you feel immediate relief? Absolutely, but the problem is that the negative consequences of your choice to settle are not immediate – only in the months or years after the divorce will the true impact of settling for too little be felt. And, of course, by then it is too late to re-negotiate.

So how can you prevent this? How can you continue to hold your head high and go for what you deserve when you just want to bury your head in a pillow and make it all go away? There are no easy solutions, but here are a few ideas that others have found to keep them from giving up…

1. Expect a marathon
2. Stay healthy
3. Play “What if?”
4. Don’t lose yourself
5. Sleep on it
6. Listen to your advisors
7. Focus on the future
8. Get support

Read the full Forbes column here:  “How to Stay Strong & Get What You Deserve in a Divorce“.

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