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Robert’s CBS Column: 5 Quick & Painless Money Saving Tips

Robert Pagliarini, an expert in wealth management, inheritance planning, financial planning, and sudden wealth™, writes a financial column for CBS News MoneyWatch that is also syndicated in newspapers across the country. The following is a column Robert wrote for CBS:

There are two ways to change any behavior . . . the hard way and the easy way. Sadly, most people choose the hard way. For example, a friend of mine wanted to lose weight, so he radically changed his diet and started training for a triathlon. Guess how long his diet and training lasted. About as long as it took you to read this sentence. Instead, there were 1,000 small, simple and painless things he could have done that would have helped him get into better shape more effectively.

I see this behavior trap when it comes to personal finances all the time. People immediately start looking at the most difficult and painful ways to cut their spending when there are often hundreds (if not thousands!) of dollars of painless savings right in front of them.

Here are five painless tips on how you can save money:

1. PERK System. This is one of the best money saving tips. Most people who do this simple exercise save at least a few hundred dollars every month. List all of your expenses and decide which ones you can “Postpone,” “Eliminate,” “Reduce” or “Keep.” Don’t let the simplicity throw you. It’s easy but incredibly effective and helps you prioritize and get your spending in line…

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