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The Power of People: My Thoughts on the Coronavirus


Every day I feel humbled when I hear how companies are responding to the coronavirus. There are feel-good stories about how distilleries have shifted to producing hand sanitizer and how companies such as Apple have donated 9 million medical masks to healthcare workers. There are other stories about how innovative companies are devising ways to test for the coronavirus faster and how there are thousands of scientists and hundreds of companies all over the world working day and night on a vaccine and treatments.


We should remember that we will prevail. It’s not a question of if but when.


We also know the models predict that we have not seen the worst of this virus yet. We should all expect things to get worse before they get better.


I wrote an article for Forbes nearly two years ago that I could have written today.


The article is What You’re Really Investing In When You Invest In The Stock Market. It describes the power of free markets and the resiliency of people.


Problems, setbacks, recessions, and yes, even pandemics will come and go, but the will of people and their desire to wake up every day and create new products and services that solve problems and make lives better is unending.


The stock market will remain volatile (up and down) for some time, but eventually it (and the rest of us) will come back stronger.

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