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The 7 Most Common Limiting Financial Beliefs

The 7 Most Common Limiting Money Financial Beliefs

Eliminate Limiting Beliefs

I’ve bought several used cars in my life, and I learned an important lesson early after making a big mistake. I did my research. I looked through the paper and auto magazines. When I saw an ad for the car I wanted at a local dealership, I called them and they invited me to look at the car that evening. With the check in hand, I went to the dealership. The car looked and drove great. After negotiating with the dealer, I purchased the car. The next afternoon, I came to pick it up. Much to my dismay, the car that looked so great at night looked terrible in the daylight. Don’t make the same mistake. It’s critically important to see things as they really are. 

What are the thin ropes in your life that hold you back? 

What beliefs prevent you from moving forward and having the life you desire? Once you see the thin ropes for what they really are, you can easily break free from their hold on you; but you must first recognize them and see that they have no power over you.  

The seven most common limiting financial beliefs are:

#1:  No matter what I do, I can’t get ahead.

#2:  Getting by is good enough.

#3:  Small actions are insignificant and don’t produce big rewards.

#4:  If I’m financially successful, I’ll be working so much I won’t have any time with my family or my hobbies.

#5:  You must lie, cheat, and take advantage of people to become successful.

#6:  I’m not smart enough, so I can’t be financially successful.

#7:  I should be able to read a book or attend a conference and immediately become financially successful.

Read this section and determine which beliefs are holding you back. If you discover that one or more of these are keeping you from achieving financial success, take the necessary steps to break free and begin living the life you desire.  

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