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Create Investment Accounts for Each of Your Goals

Create Investment Accounts for Each of Your Goals

The First Step to Investment Success

If you’ve created your goals, this step should be easy. You’re just going to create separate investment accounts for each of your goals.

There are dozens of account types to choose from.

  • For most of your goals, you will want a plain vanilla taxable account or, if you have done any estate planning and have a living trust, make sure you open trust accounts for your goals. If you haven’t created a living trust (or don’t even know what one is), don’t worry about this now—just open a regular individual account.
  • For your retirement goals, you will probably want to open IRA or Roth IRA accounts in addition to regular taxable accounts.
  • If you are saving for college tuition, definitely consider a 529 Plan. Money you put in these accounts grow tax-free if the money is used for college education. Since each state has its own 529 Plan with its own rules and regulations, make sure you do your own research or get help choosing the 520 Plan that’s right for you.

If you aren’t sure what kind of account to open for each of your goals, just call your brokerage firm and they should be able to help you.

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