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Cryptocurrency Consulting? CNN Business Interviews Robert Pagliarini

By Robert Pagliarini on May 19, 2021

Robert Pagliarini was interviewed by CNN Business for a financial column regarding cryptocurrency (Bitcoin) consulting. You can read the full article here titled “Want to invest in cryptocurrency? There’s a consultant for that.” Robert made it clear that he does not make recommendations for what cryptocurrencies to invest in; only that he works with those…

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Become Wealth Ready(TM)

By Robert Pagliarini on November 3, 2020

Many people who become responsible for a great deal of money overnight feel overwhelmed by the financial, legal, and tax decisions they face, confused as to what they should do, and a deep weight because of their new responsibility. They feel unprepared for the job and are unsure of who to trust. Many sudden wealth…

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4th of July

By Robert Pagliarini on July 4, 2020

Lately I’ve been reading and watching a lot of World War II documentaries (Netflix has a series called WWII In Color that is excellent). The more I learn about that war and the other wars our soldiers have fought in the more I understand and appreciate this holiday. I used to think about it as…

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Not All Bonds Are Created Equally

By Robert Pagliarini on April 22, 2020

Stocks have been the focus over the past couple of months. When you hear about the “market,” they are referring to the stock market. When they discuss that the “futures are up” or the “futures are down,” they are talking about stocks. Everybody wants to talk about stocks, but there is another type of investment…

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Why is the Stock Market Going Up and Will It Drop Again?

By Robert Pagliarini on April 19, 2020

We’ve seen strong gains in the last few weeks from the March 23 low. The questions on many investors’ minds are why and will it last. There is a divergence between the reality of today (e.g., virus spread, lock-downs in many states, record unemployment claims, greatly reduced corporate earnings, rise in bankruptcies, etc.) and what…

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The Power of People: My Thoughts on the Coronavirus

By Robert Pagliarini on March 26, 2020

Every day I feel humbled when I hear how companies are responding to the coronavirus. There are feel-good stories about how distilleries have shifted to producing hand sanitizer and how companies such as Apple have donated 9 million medical masks to healthcare workers. There are other stories about how innovative companies are devising ways to…

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States With No Income Tax

By Robert Pagliarini on December 6, 2019

As a financial advisor, nearly every client I’ve ever counseled has had one thing in common — their biggest expense has been taxes. For most higher earning individuals, income taxes can account for 40% or more of their income. There is no other expense that even comes close. This is why tax planning is so…

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5 Retirement Considerations After a Divorce

By Robert Pagliarini on

Divorce wrecks a lot of things, and your finances are often one of the biggest. Even worse, the financial impact of divorce isn’t limited to those first few years where you’re trying to live on an individual’s salary after years of sharing expenses. Divorce can also seriously impact your retirement from a number of angles.…

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