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Retirement Planning? 3 Shocking New Stats

Are you planning for your retirement? You may be alone! A new report released today by the Employee Benefit Research Institute titled the Retirement Confidence Survey tells a sad story for U.S. workers and saving for retirement. Here are the three shocking numbers (or more accurately, the lack of numbers):

  1. 57% of U.S. workers surveyed reported less than $25,000 in total household savings and investments (not including the equity in their homes)
  2. Only half could come up with $2,000 in cash if an unexpected need arose in the next month.
  3. The percentage reporting saving anything for retirement is at 66 percent, down from 75 percent in 2009.

Retirement planning doesn’t have to be difficult or painful. It’s an easy process that can provide not only a comfortable retirement, but peace of mind long before retirement.

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