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Powerball, Powerball, Powerball! CA Gets the Lottery

You heard it here first! Powerball Powerball Powerball mania has hit California. There are few topics that get people interested and excited as much as the lottery. Even if you don’t play, the idea of receiving a life-changing windfall can be thrilling to imagine. And now it seems, at least for those in California, your chances of receiving sudden wealth from a lottery have increased with the introduction of the Powerball Lottery franchise to our state. As a sudden wealth advisor — or as one client recently called me — a “lottery financial advisor,” I’ve seen my fair share of rags to riches stories firsthand.

But what if you don’t win? I was recently invited by Katie Couric to share my lottery financial advice on her show, Katie. Her last question was if I had advice for someone who’s going to play the lottery for the first time. My answer was that if you are going to play to have fun and to imagine what your dream life would look like if you did win, and then to do everything in your power to create that life even if you don’t win.

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