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Philippines Typhoon: Donate Now

Philippines Donate

If you’ve seen any of the footage coming out of the Philippines, you know that Typhoon Haiyan has destroyed not just buildings, roads, and infrastructure, but lives. It is absolutely devastating. My non-profit, The Band of Brothers Foundation, has a school project in the Philippines on a little island that was ground zero for the typhoon. You can see the photos below of the children we support and the school — or what is left of it.

These are messages from one of our teachers and administrators of our project…

It was a horrible experience. Good thing it happened in broad daylight. It was my first time to experience a super typhoon firsthand. I’ve seen many on TV but there’s nothing like it in real life.The wind was dark and cold and you could see roofs flying in different directions. When it happened during high tide, most likely we would have been carried by strong waves. We are just so grateful that no one died in the island when it happened. Some people from nearby islets had to move to our school for evacuation but they didn’t have homes to comeback anymore.The kids couldn’t come back to school yet because they have to dry up their clothes or help their parents rebuild their homes. We can now communicate through Facebook T.or you can call me using my Philippine mobile number. Thank you for showing so much care.

Here is another:

Thanks T..I visited parents today and talked to them about many things especially on how they can bounce back from this tragedy.They need help T. They need materials to rebuild their homes.They need food. They need school supplies for their kids because they lost some during typhoon. Please tell others to help us T.Others are starving already.

Click here to download a PDF on this project with many before and after photos.

If you are thinking about donating to help the people of the Philippines, we ask that you consider donating to our non-profit to help re-build the lives of a small village…


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