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Can you get by with a will only, or do you need more?

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The fact is, the more complex your estate, the more your need for estate planning – and a living trust can be a fundamental tool in that planning. While not everyone needs a living trust, they certainly become more attractive as your estate grows more complex.

Why a living trust? Essentially, a revocable living trust supercedes a basic will. It contains all the instructions on where you want your money to go, and it offers you (the trustee) four additional benefits.

Why not a living trust? Okay, so with all these advantages, why doesn’t everyone have a living trust? The fact is, some people have relatively simple estates, and not everyone needs a living trust – at least not right away.

Why not a will and a trust? Actually, it is wise to create both. In all probability, you will not put all of your assets into a living trust. There will be some assets outside the trust, and your will can state where those assets go when you die.

What’s right for you? You may be wondering whether a living trust is appropriate. You may have one, but sense it needs revisiting. You may have been told you need yet greater degrees of estate planning. This means you should talk to a qualified estate planner today. If you’ve got a question, I can be your resource for answers. Contact me, so that we may begin our search for those answers together.

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