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Topics include sudden wealth, financial retirement planning, personal and business finance.


Are Your Children Financially Literate?

Most Young Adults Aren’t … And They Could Pay A Painful Price. How bad is financial illiteracy today? So bad that your adult children may be at risk of making some serious financial mistakes. Recent surveys have shown that many young adults are not only wayward financially, but also pessimistic about ever becoming wealthy. Young…

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Robert Pagliarini: Expert in Wall Street Journal on Sudden Wealth

Robert Pagliarini, an expert in managing sudden wealth, was interviewed by the Wall Street Journal for a column titled, “Too Rich, Too Soon” about the rewards and complications that come from sudden wealth. You can read the full sudden wealth Wall Street Journal column here: Too Rich, Too Soon.

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Pacifica Named As One of America’s Top Wealth Management Firms by Wealth Manager Magazine.

Pacifica Wealth Advisors was named “Top Dog” by Wealth Manager Magazine. For the past seven years, Wealth Manager Magazine ranks the star wealth management firms. Out of nearly 500 wealth management firms across the United States, we were ranked #37! To be eligible for the Top Wealth Manager ranking, companies must be registered investment advisers,…

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