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Katie Couric Post: 7 Tips if You Win Big

By Robert Pagliarini on July 2, 2013

What should you do if you win the lottery? A few weeks ago I was invited to be on the Katie Couric show to discuss the financial and psychological sudden wealth effects of winning the lottery. You can read some of my financial advisor lottery tips titled “7 Tips if You Win Big” and I…

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Professional Athletes & Sudden Wealth: The NFL Financial Education Program

By Robert Pagliarini on

I recently wrote a column for CBS Moneywatch titled “Why Athletes Go Broke” that discuss seven common issues that impede good financial and investment decisions for professional athletes when trying to manage their sudden wealth. The NFL Players Association is trying to educate their players and provide them with unbiased financial advice. At the helm…

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Powerball, Powerball, Powerball! CA Gets the Lottery

By Robert Pagliarini on June 14, 2013

You heard it here first! Powerball Powerball Powerball mania has hit California. There are few topics that get people interested and excited as much as the lottery. Even if you don’t play, the idea of receiving a life-changing windfall can be thrilling to imagine. And now it seems, at least for those in California, your…

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What If You Won the Lottery? How to Handle a Big Financial Windfall

By Robert Pagliarini on May 28, 2013

Robert Pagliarini, who has developed a national reputation for working with sudden wealth recipients–those who receive a windfall from inheritance, lottery, sports/entertainment contracts, business sale, divorce, stock options, or lawsuit–was interviewed by LearnVest. You can read an excerpt below: *********************************** The winner of the largest single-ticket jackpot has yet to step forward. The Powerball ticket, which…

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Lottery Financial Advisor: What to do if you Win the Powerball Lottery

By Robert Pagliarini on May 27, 2013

Dear Florida Powerball lottery winner, congratulations on your win! You beat the odds (1 in 175.2 million) and have the distinct honor of being the largest single lottery winner in U.S. history. As someone who has developed a national reputation for working with sudden wealth recipients – or as a client recently remarked a “lottery…

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Sudden Wealth Tip From Minecraft Creator

By Robert Pagliarini on April 9, 2013

There is a very interesting article in this week’s New Yorker magazine about Markus “Notch” Persson, his rise to fame as the creator of the Minecraft video game, and how he is handling his sudden wealth. Here’s one of his comments: “The money is a strange one,” he says. “I’m slowly getting used to it,…

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Money From Inheritance: What To Do With Inheritance?

By Robert Pagliarini on March 6, 2013

If you are expecting an inheritance of money or will come into large amounts of money soon, you may be wondering what you should do with this sudden wealth. There are countless examples of how people have squandered their money, but I recently came across one individual who seems to have a good plan. Him…

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Huffington Post Publishes Robert’s Sudden Wealth Column

By Robert Pagliarini on December 3, 2012

Robert Pagliarini is a frequent contributor to Huffington Post. In the wake of the recent huge PowerBall lottery, they have chosen to publish one of Robert’s sudden wealth columns titled “Sudden Wealth and Lottery Winners: Six Steps for Handling a Windfall.”

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Lottery Winners: How to Manage Sudden Wealth

By Robert Pagliarini on November 27, 2012

My colleague over at CBS News MoneyWatch, Jill Schlesinger, wrote a wonderful piece on how to handle sudden wealth if you are lucky enough to win the Powerball lottery tomorrow worth $500 million. Here’s an excerpt of her four tips: 1) Read the rules on the ticket and on the lottery’s website. Sign your name…

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Sudden Wealth Trademark Awarded to Pacifica Wealth Advisors

By Robert Pagliarini on November 2, 2012

We are very pleased to announce that Pacifica Wealth Advisors secured the trademark for “Sudden Wealth” by the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office. We are dedicated to serving sudden wealth recipients and look forward to providing our specialized brand of wealth management expertise to these clients for years to come.

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