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The Bull Market Endures – Why Are Boomers Scared?

By Robert Pagliarini on November 8, 2013

At the end of October, the S&P 500 was up 24.39% in the past 12 months. What investor wouldn’t want gains like that? As uplifting as that market advance was for many, some baby boomers missed out on it. They were simply too afraid to get back into stocks – they couldn’t dispense with their…

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MLPs: What You Need to Know

By Robert Pagliarini on November 7, 2013

Investors are looking everywhere for better yields – but how many of them look into Master Limited Partnerships? Many investors have never heard of MLPs. Others have, but assume they are complex and esoteric. In reality, investing in MLPs isn’t that mysterious. They trade on public exchanges, and today there are even MLP mutual funds…

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What’s Next in the Debt Ceiling Debate? The Clock is Ticking

By Robert Pagliarini on October 23, 2013

In January, will the federal government be shuttered again? At first thought, it seems inconceivable that Congress would want to go through another protracted fight like the one that shut things down for 16 days in October. That could occur, however, if a new budget panel doesn’t meet its deadline. Once more, the clock is…

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Dividend Reinvestment and Compound Interest

By Robert Pagliarini on October 22, 2013

Why reroute dividends back into your investments? Isn’t taking the income the preferred outcome when a dividend is produced? Retirees and pre-retirees are eager for dividend income in this era of historically low interest rates. Even so, the choice to buy more shares has merit for the long run. Reinvestment & compounding may have profoundly…

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The End of the Government Shutdown

By Robert Pagliarini on

At the eleventh hour, a default is averted. After weeks of contention, a bill to reopen the bulk of the federal government and raise the debt ceiling made its way to the White House late Wednesday. President Obama signed the bill into law shortly after midnight, and by the middle of Thursday’s trading day, both…

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The Debt Deal – A Short-Term Fix Is Better Than Nothing!

By Robert Pagliarini on

A bipartisan deal emerges from the Senate. After weeks of contention, a bill to reopen the bulk of the federal government and avert an unprecedented U.S. default appears headed toward President Obama’s desk. Senate Democrats and Republicans reached an accord on October 16, and as House Speaker John Boehner has promised an expedient vote on…

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The Impact of the 1995-96 Government Shutdown

By Robert Pagliarini on October 16, 2013

Will the market hold up as well as it did last time? That is the near-term question on the minds of some investors as the partial shutdown of the U.S. government drags on. Stocks bounced back quickly from the 3-week gridlock that occurred in 1995-96. Will that be the case in 2013? In some ways,…

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Janet Yellen: What You Need to Know

By Robert Pagliarini on October 15, 2013

Janet Yellen – currently the vice chair of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve – has been nominated to succeed Ben Bernanke at the helm of the world’s most important central bank. A former UC Berkeley and London School of Economics professor and San Francisco Fed president, Yellen is a globally admired economist…

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What if the Debt Ceiling Shatters?

By Robert Pagliarini on October 3, 2013

In October, America may risk running out of cash. Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew recently urged Congress to lift the federal debt limit before October 17. Secretary Lew claims that if nothing is done by that date, the Treasury will have only about $30 billion in available cash to pay down as much as $60 billion…

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Understanding the Basics of the Government Shutdown

By Robert Pagliarini on October 2, 2013

As you have no doubt heard, the United States government shut down at midnight (Eastern) October 1, 2013. There are many questions and concerns about this situation, but here are some basics. What happened? In short, Congress did not pass any of their appropriations bills. These bills provide money to various to federal agencies.  Federal…

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