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Robert Pagliarini Provides Lottery Winner Advice on BBC Radio

Robert Pagliarini was asked to provide lottery winner advice and was interviewed on BBC Radio today regarding the sudden wealth effect of winning the lottery. The lottery was making big news after Margaret Loughrey won 27 million pounds in this week’s Euromillions Lottery. You can read about her lottery win on the BBC News website.

EuroMillions National LotteryMargaret seems to be taking the win in stride:

“I never panicked. I’m level-headed and I know I’ll think it all through and do the right thing, see to the right people. It’s in my name at the minute, it’s £27m, it’s not going to be mine, it’s going to be spread around. “No point having £27m and being lonely. That can’t make me happy, that can only make me happy that everybody else’s happy and so far everybody is absolutely delighted.”

Robert emphasized the difference between gradual wealth and sudden wealth, and that the best lottery winner advice is to slow things down. There will be some decisions Margaret will need to make right away, but that the majority of decisions should be delayed until she can get her head around the win and what it means.

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