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Is the Lottery a Good Investment?

Sudden Wealth

In a recently Forbes column I wrote, I make the case why the lottery is a good investment. No, not a good financial investment, but a good investment in yourself. Here’s a snippet:

The real question is not what toys you would buy or even how winning the lottery would change your life. The better question is how would winning the lottery improve your life? Daydream how the win would make your life better, and then figure out how you can create this change in your life even if you don’t win. I’ve spent nearly the last 24 years working with sudden wealth recipients – people who have come into a windfall overnight. Sudden wealth can radically improve a person’ life, but it’s certainly not a requirement.

Most of my sudden wealth clients have said their windfall has given them more freedom, opportunity, and security, but these things are achievable even if you don’t hit the jackpot. When you think about winning, what is the one thing above all others that the win does for your life? How can you get closer to this without a windfall?

You can read the full column here: Why Playing The Lottery Is A Good Investment


About the Sudden Wealth Financial Advisor

Robert Pagliarini, PhD, CFP®, EA has over 26 years of financial planning and investment management for the suddenly wealthy. Robert is a CFP® Ambassador, one of only 50 in the country, and a real fiduciary. He authored the book The Sudden Wealth Solution: 12 Principles to Transform Sudden Wealth Into Lasting Wealth in hopes to help those deal with sudden wealth and the emotions that come along with it. In addition to his Ph.D. in financial and retirement planning, he earned a Master's in Psychology to better understand and be equipped when helping clients manage a windfall. He has helped clients from across the United States who have received a windfall from an inheritance, lawsuit settlement, business sale, stock options, sports and entertainment contracts to make sense of their sudden wealth. When he is not helping the suddenly wealthy, you can find him writing personal finance books and articles for Forbes. If you're needing help managing wealth, contact Robert directly.

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