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Robert’s CBS Column: 5 Sure Signs of Corporate Burnout


Robert Pagliarini, an expert in wealth management, inheritance planning, financial planning, and sudden wealth™, writes a financial column for CBS News MoneyWatch that is also syndicated in newspapers across the country. The following is a column Robert wrote for CBS:

Are you working too long and too hard? Could you achieve more by doing less? Professional athletes are susceptible to over-training — thinking they must run another mile, do more stairs, or do one more set. But there is a narrow band that the athlete must train within in order to operate at peak performance. If they fall below this line, then they are not physically prepared enough. Rise above this line and they risk injury and physical exhaustion. Are you any different from an athlete who needs to perform at your peak? My experience says no. In fact, it’s a tricky balance I’m often helping my executive coaching clients find and sustain.

Dr. Jim Loehr and Tony Schwartz first introduced us to the term “corporate athlete” in their book, The Power of Full Engagement. They argue that the corporate demands placed on all of us to work more, do more and to operate at a constant level of peak performance requires us to think and train like athletes. That means managing your energy more effectively and not succumbing to over-training — doing more and more and getting less and less.

How do you know if you are “over-training” and need to take a break? Here are five common symptoms of doing too much and not operating at peak performance…

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