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The Six-Day Financial Makeover

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Robert Pagliarini, president of Pacifica Wealth Advisors, wrote a unique personal finance book called The Six-Day Financial Makeover.  It was published by St. Martin’s Press in October 2006.  Robert has been on over one hundred radio stations, in national newspapers, and on national television discussing the book.

Although Robert works with affluent families through Pacifica Wealth Advisors, he also has a personal passion to help the everyday family that is struggling to pay the bills and figure out a way to save for retirement and college for their children. Since Robert’s professional practice is dedicated to working with the affluent, he decided the best way to help the most people would be to share his insight in a book.

The Six-Day Financial Makeover has received wonderful praise from personal finance celebrities and bestselling authors such as Jean Chatzky, Brian Tracy, Tim Sanders, Jennifer Openshaw, and many, many others.

Brief Overview

This isn’t your father’s personal finance book. The way we currently save and invest is confusing, frustrating, and quite simply doesn’t work. Get ready for a personal finance book that is actually unique. Get ready for financial strategies that you’ve never seen or heard before. Get ready for a financial transformation!

With hundreds of personal finance books filling the shelves every year, could anyone really have anything different or unique to say that hasn’t been said a hundred times before?

The answer is an unequivocal YES! Robert has taken budgeting, investing, insurance, andretirement planning—subjects that most of us find stressful and overwhelmingly complex—and made it approachable and even manageable through his unsinkable optimism and relentless simplification process. He says, “We’re going to take the pie-in-the-sky theories and turn them into bite-size pieces that you can and will be able to implement in your life immediately.”

The Six-Day Financial Makeover does a lot of things really well, but I’ll tell you about three.

  1. First, and foremost it actually provides advice—yes, real advice. Not wishy-washy “maybe you should do this” or “it all depends on your situation” nonsense (what Robert calls “financial fog”).
  2. Second, it has an action bias. No, not really a bias, more like a mantra. Implement, implement, implement is the theme in every chapter and on every page.
  3. Third, it is full of brand-new, never seen before financial shortcuts and strategies such as:
    • What’s wrong with how we’ve been taught to invest (too much information and risk)
    • Why your eight-year old is a better saver than you are (she’s mastered the ability to focus)
    • How to achieve all of your goals through GO! Investing (Goal-Oriented Investing)
    • What real financial independence is and how to calculate your Independence Factor (the number of days each month you could survive without working)
    • How to invest based on your Investment Personality (any other way doesn’t work)
    • How to get out of your own way (you can be your own worst financial enemy)
    • What to do to increase your income and pay off debt (four things you can do today)
    • How much insurance you really need (you’re probably over-insured and under-insured)

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