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Understanding Risk Tolerance

By Robert Pagliarini on September 24, 2014

How’s your ability to withstand short-term losses? This is the question at the core of any discussion of risk tolerance. Some people are able to ride through turbulence in the financial markets with a shrug while others suffer headaches. Many investment professionals recommend that their clients adopt an investment policy statement (IPS) to do so,…

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What You Need to Know About Fixed Indexed Annuities

By Robert Pagliarini on September 14, 2014

Fixed indexed annuities can be very useful investments. As the name implies, FIAs are fixed annuities with a rate or return linked to the performance of a stock market index (often the S&P 500). Because of this stock market exposure, they can sometimes bring conservative investors very nice returns – often, considerably better returns than…

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Tax Smart Investing

By Robert Pagliarini on August 16, 2014

How many of us save and invest with an eye on tax implications? Not that many of us, according to a recent survey from Russell Investments (the global asset manager overseeing the Russell 2000). In the opening quarter of 2014, Russell polled financial services professionals and asked them how many of their clients had inquired…

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What Will Happen Once QE3 Ends?

By Robert Pagliarini on July 14, 2014

“Easing without end” will finally end. According to its June policy meeting minutes, the Federal Reserve plans to wrap up QE3 this fall. Barring economic turbulence, the central bank’s ongoing stimulus effort will conclude on schedule, with a last $15 billion cut to zero being authorized at the October 28-29 Federal Open Market Committee meeting.…

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FATCA: What It Is & How It Affects Investors

By Robert Pagliarini on July 3, 2014

The federal government implements new rules to fight tax dodgers. As of July 1, 2014, the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) is in effect. FATCA requires something new of foreign financial institutions: they must now report any assets held by American citizens, U.S. “persons,” U.S. green card holders and individuals holding select U.S. investments…

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How Will the Growing National Debt Affect the Economy?

By Robert Pagliarini on June 26, 2014

In 1835, something financially remarkable happened: the federal government paid off the national debt. It hasn’t happened since. Through myriad presidential administrations and economic cycles, the national debt has persisted. Wars, depressions and recessions have all helped send it higher, and while it can shrink in the short term, it isn’t going away. Currently it…

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Common Investing Mistakes

By Robert Pagliarini on June 7, 2014

Year after year, in bull and bear markets, investors make some all-too-common blunders. They have been written about, talked about, and critiqued at some length – and yet they are still made. You can chalk them up to psychology, human nature, perhaps even a degree of peer pressure. You just don’t want to find yourself…

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Rising Interest Rates: How Will They Affect Investments, Housing & Retirees?

By Robert Pagliarini on May 29, 2014

How will Wall Street fare if interest rates climb back to historic norms? Rising interest rates could certainly impact investments, the real estate market and the overall economy – but their influence might not be as negative as some perceive. Why are rates rising? You can cite three factors. The Federal Reserve is gradually reducing…

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Do Your Investments Match Your Tolerance for Risk?

By Robert Pagliarini on May 13, 2014

When turbulence hits Wall Street, are you stressed out? If you have taken on too much risk in your portfolio – which can happen through intention or inattention – stock market volatility may make you anxious. So from time to time, it is a good idea to review how your assets are invested. Your asset…

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Managing Investing Risk

By Robert Pagliarini on May 10, 2014

If you want significant reward, you will have to assume some risk. Anyone investing in securities – particularly stocks and funds – must accept that reality. Investing in the markets gives you an opportunity to accelerate the growth of your savings and outpace inflation, and you definitely want that chance – but how do you…

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