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Asset Allocation

We've created five custom investment asset allocations you can use for your retirement assets.


Learn how to "Live Badass" with our quarterly online courses and podcasts.

Quarterly Updates

Every quarter we will provide investment performance and a live two hour presentation.

live badass community

We have created six investment allocations for retirees:

  • 100 Pure Growth

  • 75 Growth+

  • 60 Growth

  • 50 Balanced

  • 35 Durable

  • 0 Pure Income



No matter where you are located, we can help you create more financial confidence throughout retirement. Although we do not provide financial advice, you can Live Badass throughout retirement.

Are you Ready for retirement security?
Join our quarterly "live badass" retirement community membership today! 

For just $497 a year, get access to four quarterly presentations where we help you "Live Badass" and discuss investments including information on performance, fees, the economy, overall markets, and your financial questions. Remember, we do NOT provide financial advice. The information we provide is for educational use only. To sign-up, it is only $497 a year. Mail a check to 9870 Research Drive, Irvine, CA 92618 to get started today.

Reach us at (949) 305-0500