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Financial Planning and Wealth Management

Pacifica Wealth Advisors in a financial planning and wealth management firm led by Robert Pagliarini who is a nationally known financial planner. Robert has appeared as a financial expert on The Katie Couric show, and writes on financial planning and wealth management topics for CBS, HuffingtonPost, and Forbes.

What can financial planning and wealth management do for you?

Having an expert can take pressure off your everyday life. Imagine for a moment not having to think about or worry over your finances. Imagine knowing how much you are saving each month and where that money is going. Imagine that your investments are properly allocated and are actively managed by a team whose only job is to look after your money. This means you can sleep easy knowing you have a financial plan in place, a custom estate plan to protect those you love the most, and the proper insurance coverage in case you get in an accident, become injured and cannot work, or get sued.

We make sure you don’t pay more than necessary in state and federal taxes. We also make it easy for you to instantly view your complete and up-to-date net-worth and investment allocation right from your smartphone anytime they wish. We guide you and help you stay on the right path so your hard work has a purpose and you reach all their financial goals. We make your life easier, and your future goals reachable.

Imagine we were at work doing all this for you right this minute.

Contact us today to learn how we can help protect you from an uncertain financial future and learn about our unique five-step process called 360 Wealth Management. Read more here about our Financial Planning and Wealth Management process. We want to improve every aspect of your finances and leave no opportunity unturned.

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