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Sudden Wealth

There’s gradual money and there’s sudden wealth. Most of us are used to gradual money—earning an income and building a nest egg over time. It’s a slow and steady process. As our net worth increases over the years, we adapt and slowly become more financially sophisticated. It’s like riding a smooth elevator—you’re going up, but you hardly feel it.

Then there’s sudden wealth. It’s like being on the ground floor of a 60-story building and rocketing to the penthouse suite in seconds. Sudden wealth means getting more money than you’re used to being responsible for, getting it all at once, and often feeling pushed outside of your normal financial comfort zone. Although you’re the same person you were the day before you received it, you are quickly thrust into a new and often uncomfortable situation. While sudden wealth can be life changing, for some it can cause anxiety, indecision, and fear in those who don’t surround themselves with the right people and develop a strategy.

Read about each of the sudden wealth categories below and see why we are recognized nationally as the sudden wealth management experts.


Wealth Management

We provide financial planning and investment management services to our clients. To help ensure our clients are making the most of their resources and to protect them from uncertainty, we take each of our clients through a five-step process called 360 Wealth Management.

Imagine for a moment not having to think about or worry over your finances. Imagine knowing how much you are saving each month and where that money is going. That your investments are properly allocated and are being actively managed by a team whose only job it is is to look after your money. Imagine that you can sleep easy knowing you have the proper insurance coverage in case you get in an accident, become injured and cannot work, or get sued. That you have an estate plan in place that helps protects those you love the most. That you are not paying more than necessary in state and federal taxes. That you can instantly view your complete and up-to-date net-worth and investment allocation right from your phone anytime you wish. And imagine that you are on the right path – that your hard work has a purpose and that you are reaching all of your goals. At Pacifica Wealth Advisors, we want to improve every aspect of your finances and to leave no opportunity unturned.

Read more about our comprehensive wealth management process.

For Businesses

We provide business transition planning to family businesses who are selling their company to outsiders or transitioning the business to younger family members. We also have a team who provides corporate and executive benefits such as 401(k)s and health insurance plans to small and mid-sized companies.

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