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Could the Bull Market Still Run Without the Federal Reserve?

By Robert Pagliarini on June 5, 2013

Could this bull market last with less help from the Federal Reserve? Is it propped up by the Fed’s stimulus, or strong enough to sustain itself if the central bank reduces its efforts? Some factors hint that the economy and the market may have a bit more strength than assumed, even with Q2 GDP projections…

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How Will The Fed Taper Off Its Bond Buying Program?

By Robert Pagliarini on May 9, 2013

In its May 1 policy announcement, the Federal Reserve reaffirmed its commitment to its current stimulus campaign, or QE3 – its monthly purchase of $85 billion in bonds. QE3 has undeniably boosted the stock market and assisted the real estate recovery. Yet at some point, the Fed will decide to let the economy stand on…

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How Bonds & Interest Rates Affect Each Other

By Robert Pagliarini on April 18, 2013

Is the bond bull history? Bond titan Bill Gross called an end to the 30-year bull market in fixed income back in 2010, and he has repeated his opinion since. Legendary investor Jim Rogers predicted an end to the bond bull in 2009, and he still sees it happening. This belief is starting to become…

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Gold’s Worst Day in 30 Years

By Robert Pagliarini on April 17, 2013

Suddenly, a bear market in gold. On April 12, the precious metal settled at $1,501.40 on the COMEX – diving 4.1% in a single trading day and 20.5% under its all-time closing high of $1,888.70 on August 22, 2011. Statistically, that was the end of a lengthy bull market – one marked by 12 years…

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Are You Investing Too Much in Company Stock?

By Robert Pagliarini on April 10, 2013

Have you invested too much of your 401(k) in company stock? This can happen – and you may not be fully aware of it. Back when corporations offered traditional pension plans, the federal government watched out for this tendency. In 1974, the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) made it illegal for pension plans to…

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Gauging the Impact of the Sequester

By Robert Pagliarini on March 19, 2013

As there was no last-minute agreement between Congress and the White House to postpone federal budget cuts scheduled to take effect March 1, the ax now falls. Unless a bipartisan effort somehow undoes them, assorted federal government agencies will have their budgets reduced by $85 billion between now and October 1, as the initial step…

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Without a Weak Dollar Can Stocks Further Advance?

By Robert Pagliarini on

What happened to the weak buck? In recent years, stock market gains have been associated with a weak dollar (among other factors). This latest rally on Wall Street seems to be an exception: years of dollar weakness may be giving way to renewed foreign investment in U.S. currency, spurred by global belief that things are…

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What The Dow’s Record High Really Means

By Robert Pagliarini on March 13, 2013

Next stop, 15,000? As the Dow Jones Industrial Average settled at a new all-time high of 14,253.77 on March 5, the psychological lift on Wall Street was undeniable – the market was finally back to where it was in 2007. Or was it? For many Americans, the Dow equals the stock market, and the stock…

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The Looming Sequester – March 1st is Approaching!

By Robert Pagliarini on February 23, 2013

On March 1, $85 billion in federal budget cuts are supposed to take place – and it doesn’t look like they will be delayed any longer. Congress went on recess last week, so there was no concerted legislative effort to stave them off (in the manner of the fiscal cliff deal). At this point, the…

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What Happens to Bonds if Interest Rates Rise?

By Robert Pagliarini on February 1, 2013

How long can it last? The Federal Reserve has said that it will do what it can to keep interest rates low, but these efforts cannot stem the tide forever; it’s inevitable, at some point, that interest rates will rise and diminish bond prices. The only question is: when and how much? A fifth year…

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