Providing unbiased financial and investment advice

A small financial planning firm with a big reputation

We are an Orange County investment management and tax strategy firm that has developed a national reputation. We attract clients from across the country (and around the world) who want to work us. Read more on how we're different.


Ethical Fiduciaries

Our goal is to always put our clients’ interests ahead of ours. Read our fiduciary oath.


We’ve been doing financial planning and investing for some time and have learned valuable lessons along the way.


We’re consistently providing personalized and novel financial strategies to our clients that they haven’t heard about or read in the paper.

Independent Advisors

We’re not going to try to pitch or sell you something to increase our profit.


We’re always learning, growing, and advancing our financial knowledge to better help our clients.


We’re not the biggest firm on the block and that helps us provide a more efficient, customized, and dynamic service for our clients.

How are we different?

There are many firms that provide financial and investment advice. So many, in fact, it can be hard to distinguish one company from the next. We’ve created this company from the ground up to deliver what we consider is world class wealth management and tax strategy advice. In doing so, we’ve built a company that looks and acts a bit different from the others.

Our goal was to provide comprehensive financial, investment, and tax advice in a way that was honest and ethical – a firm that I would want to hire myself.

  • Independent. This means that we don’t have our own products we’re pitching or an incentive to recommend one strategy over another.
  • Fiduciary. There are two types of financial advisors. Those who are fiduciaries, which means they always put their clients’ interests ahead of their own. And then there are non-fiduciary advisors who can put their own interests ahead of their clients. The result is that the advice you receive may benefit your advisor more than it benefits you. Clearly this isn’t the kind of relationship I’d want with an advisor, and as a result, we always strive to put our clients interests are always ahead of ours.
  • Specialized. Unlike other firms or financial advisors, we tend to focus on a small number of clients. We could add more staff and advisors and stretch ourselves thin, but we’d rather focus on a select number of clients.
  • Lower cost investing. Fees can be an anchor on a portfolio. Our underlying investment fees tend to be about 72% less expensive than. Less fees means more money for our clients.
  • Tax efficient investing. We combine tax-efficient passive investing with active management to try to extract the best possible return.
  • Dynamic portfolios. We build dynamic investment portfolios that we shift with changing markets and valuations as opposed to the old buy and hold strategy.
  • Advanced investments. For the more sophisticated and affluent client, we go beyond just stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. We actively research and recommend private equity, venture capital, real estate investments when appropriate.
  • Tax focused. The biggest expense for nearly all of our clients is taxes. But if this is left for the CPA to handle once a year, it can leave many opportunities and tax savings on the table. We are focused year-round on how to minimize taxes and we work closely with our client’s CPAs to help our clients pay as little tax as possible.
  • Advanced planning strategies. Once we address the “low hanging” financial planning strategies, we then focus on more sophisticated and creative ways to help preserve assets, manage taxes, and create wealth.

Our mission

We get up each morning with the unwavering mission to help our clients:

  • Make more money by creating low-cost, dynamic investment portfolios.
  • Reduce the taxes they pay.
  • Implement comprehensive and creative strategies tailored to their unique needs.
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Meet the President

Robert Pagliarini is a nationally recognized financial professional sought out by the media and individuals for his financial insight.

Orange County financial planner advisor

Hello. My name is Robert Pagliarini. I have the great honor of helping people during one of the most exciting and nerve-wracking times in their lives. I have specialized in helping clients manage, grow, and preserve sudden wealth for nearly two decades. My investment and wealth management firm, Pacifica Wealth Advisors, serves clients across the country and around the globe. We have developed a reputation for our specialized work with sudden wealth from inheritance, divorce, legal judgment/settlement, stock options, business sale, sport/entertainment contract, and the lottery.

I am a Certified Financial Planner™ practitioner, a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst, a Certified Structured Settlement Consultant, an Enrolled Agent* with the IRS, and have a Master’s Degree in Financial Services.
* Not associated with or endorsed by the Social Security Administration or any other goverment agency

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