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Sudden Wealth Advisor, Robert Pagliarini

Robert Pagliarini Mission Viejo Financial Planner

Robert Pagliarini, MS, MA, EA, CDFA, CFP

Robert Pagliarini, MS, MA, EA, CDFA, CFP is a Mission Viejo financial planner and president of Pacifica Wealth Advisors – a preeminent financial planning and wealth management firm serving affluent investors and sudden wealth recipients. Although the firm is in Mission Viejo – part of South Orange County – we provide financial planning and wealth management to the neighboring communities of Laguna Niguel, Laguna Beach, Irvine, Newport Beach, Pacific Palisades, and Los Angeles. Because of his national reputation as a Sudden Wealth Adivsor,  he has served some of the country’s most affluent investors and sudden wealth recipients, and has clients all over the country.

Called a “financial bodyguard” and “financial motivator” by his clients, Robert Pagliarini has spent his professional career demystifying saving, investing, and insurance, as well as retirement, estate and tax planning to protect his clients and help them achieve their most important goals.

Robert Pagliarini relies on his nearly two decades of financial experience as well as his master’s degree in financial services and his master’s degree in clinical psychology to provide comprehensive and personal wealth management solutions to his clients. Robert is an Enrolled Agent with the IRS and is a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst.

The goal of Pacifica Wealth Advisors is to first protect its clients’ assets, and then help them grow. He accomplishes this by first performing a detailed and comprehensive analysis of his clients’ current financial situation. It has been his experience that even though a client may have a sophisticated investment program or estate plan, they invariably have missed a crucial detail that could impact their finances overnight.

Robert Pagliarini’s Expertise

Robert Pagliarini is the author of The Other 8 Hours: Maximize Your Free Time to Create New Wealth & Purpose, the No. 1 bestseller Six-Day Financial Makeover: Transform Your Financial Life in Less Than a Week, and Plan Z: How to Survive the 2009 Financial Crisis (and even live a little better).

Robert writes a weekly column for CBS MoneyWatch and Forbes that is syndicated to the LA Times, Chicago Tribune, Huffington Post, and many others. He has appeared as an expert on Fox Business, 20/20, Good Morning America, Dr. Phil, ABC Morning News, the Ricki Lake Show, Dr. Drew’s Lifechangers, and in The Wall Street Journal, Newsweek, Money Magazine, etc. He has been a featured guest on National Public Radio’s financial program MarketPlace and hundreds of other national radio programs. Robert is a Certified Financial Planner, an Enrolled Agent with the IRS, and has two master’s degrees: one in financial services and another in clinical psychology.

Robert Pagliarini’s Professional Experience

Prior to founding Pacifica Wealth Advisors, Robert was the Executive Vice President of a wealth management firm based in Los Angeles with offices in Silicon Valley and Newport Beach. He provided comprehensive financial and investment advice to very affluent individuals and families for four years at this firm.

Before this, Robert established and operated a financial and business consulting firm. His clients were the executives of private and publicly traded companies in technology, medical device, education, service, and healthcare fields. Part of the service he provided to his clients was explaining complex concepts to an audience unfamiliar with them.

In the mid 1990s, Robert was the branch manager of a publicly traded financial firm headquartered in Beverly Hills, CA and with offices worldwide. During his tenure, Robert had the unique opportunity to oversee the development, deployment, and marketing of one of the first online investment trading sites in the world. What began as a tool for a niche of professional traders quickly developed into a way for anyone to easily invest on their own. While it was the great emancipation for the individual investor, he saw the devastating effect this new found freedom could bring to personal finance. Retirees, widows, and young families were trading online with only the knowledge that CNBC and stock message boards provided. Nothing was too sophisticated—not stock options, not short-selling, and not penny stocks. The focus was 100% investing at the expense of everything else. Robert uses this experience to ensure his current clients have a comprehensive approach to their finances and don’t neglect critical areas.

Robert Pagliarini’s Passion

Learning how to develop and follow a sound, long-term, and all-encompassing financial plan hits home for Robert. Although Robert serves affluent clients at Pacifica, because of his childhood, he has a personal passion to help those with less. His parents separated when he was very young, which put significant financial pressure on the family. Consequently, Robert has vivid memories of what it is like to be poor. Robert saw first-hand how a single event can turn one’s world upside down in the span of mere weeks.

Now, years later, he works closely with individuals and families to prevent such financial disasters from occurring. While, of course, he can’t guarantee every marriage will last or that disaster will never strike, Robert can help his clients prepare financially for the best and the worst.

To satisfy his passion to help every day families experience a greater sense of security and financial independence, he authored the #1 bestseller The Six-Day Financial Makeover–a personal finance book published by St. Martin’s Press in October 2006. Aiming to teach people from any background how to focus their financial planning around tangible goals, Robert has been able to give readers a greater sense of achievement and purpose every day they go to work. He has also authored Plan Z: How to Survive the 2009 Financial Crisis (and even live a little better) as well as The Other 8 Hours: Maximize Your Free Time to Create New Wealth & Purpose. His literary agent represents such bestselling authors as Dr. Phil and Stephen Covey.

Robert Pagliarini’s Charity

Band of Brothers Foundation - Robert Pagiarini

Robert is actively involved in two charities. He is the co-founder of The Band of Brothers Foundation–a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that helps under-served children around the world. We currently support orphanages and schools in Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, and Burma and have previously had projects in Costa Rica, China, and the United States.

Robert Pagliarini’s Personal Life

Robert Pagliarini - Mt. KilimanjaroWhen not working or writing, Robert enjoys going to Disneyland with his wife and young daughter, climbing mountains (Mt. Kilimanjaro is the tallest peak yet), and training for triathlons (half-Ironman distance is longest yet).