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Financial Planning Tips for Women

Will this be your future? Did you know that 30% of American women age 65 and older rely on Social Security for 90% or more of their incomes? Did you know that SSI represents virtually the only source of income … Continue reading

Money and Taxes After Marriage

When you tie the knot, your financial lives will change. Marriage is one of those life events that can really affect your money and tax situation. If you are about to wed, here are a couple of things you’ll want … Continue reading

Ecomonic Update 08/25/14

A GAIN IN EXISTING HOME SALES In its July report, the National Association of Realtors recorded a 2.4% monthly increase in existing home sales. The good news from July took the annualized sales pace up to 5.15 million. According to … Continue reading

Economic Update 08/18/14

RETAIL SALES COOL OFF IN JULY They were flat according to the Commerce Department, with core retail sales (excluding food, car, gasoline and home improvement purchases) up just 0.1%. Economists polled by Reuters believed overall retail sales would advance 0.2% … Continue reading

Adjusting to Retirement – Make the Transition to Life After Work

If you have saved and invested consistently for retirement, you may find yourself ready to leave work on your terms – with abundant free time, new opportunities, and wonderful adventures ahead of you. The thing to keep in mind is … Continue reading

Tax Smart Investing

How many of us save and invest with an eye on tax implications? Not that many of us, according to a recent survey from Russell Investments (the global asset manager overseeing the Russell 2000). In the opening quarter of 2014, … Continue reading

Economic Update 08/11/14

U.S. SERVICE SECTOR IS BOOMING The Institute for Supply Management’s July non-manufacturing PMI came in at a stellar 58.7, indicating rapid expansion. It hadn’t been that high since December 2005, and its new orders sub-index reached a peak unseen since … Continue reading

Important Information for Beneficiaries

If your loved ones have invested, saved or insured themselves to any degree, you may be named as a beneficiary to one or more of their accounts, policies or assets in the event of their deaths. While we all hope … Continue reading

How the Thrift Savings Plan Measures Up to Traditional Retirement Savings Vehicles

Federal workers and military personnel are offered a supplemental retirement savings plan to complement their pensions – the Thrift Savings Plan, or TSP. Just how well does it measure up to other forms of popular retirement accounts? Picture a 401(k) … Continue reading

Is It Time to Consider Changing Jobs?

If you spend two years or less at a series of jobs, is that a problem? Shouldn’t your resume signal loyalty instead of transience? Well, maybe it isn’t a problem. Maybe you are doing yourself a financial favor instead, especially … Continue reading